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KPN Unlimted Technologies is a premier Information Technology Development and IT Training and Tutoring company for UGC Recognized University Online /Distance Learning Diploma BTECH M TECH (Computer Science ) MCA BCA MBA(IT)
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KPN Unlimted Technologies is a premier Information Technology Development and IT Training and Tutoring company for UGC Recognized University Online /Distance Learning Diploma B TECH M TECH (Computer Science ) MCA BCA MBA(IT) temp staffing and recruitment and manpower search organization specializing in recruitment of Information Technology professionals with the network of several Virtual Recruiters throughout India . KPNUT expertise lies in understanding the requirement of our clients and identifying the right profiles. KPNUT have been extremely successful in matching the interest of the two parties to lead to rewarding and fruitful partnerships, which positions us as a recruiting and staffing arm rather than just a placement consultant. KPNUT consultants have placed professionals for the United States and multi-national companies in India. KPNUT have very good collective recruitment experience of several years and a thorough understanding of the realities of the IT Industry.

KPN Unlimited Technologies offers total solutions in Recruitment Planning and Execution, Evaluation Methods, Career Fairs and long term Manpower Planning. We have the ability to understand the requirement specifications of the clients across various technology tiers right from Systems Software to Mainframes, OS internals, Distributed Computing, Telecommunications, ERP,SAP QA, Firmware and Real-time Embedded Systems. We are a strong team with a collective experience several years in the manpower consulting business along with considerable international exposure. Our automated testing methodology with a large test database equips us to present the resume to our clients after complete technical evaluation and behavioral assessment. We are able to attract software talent from all parts of the India by various methods of sourcing like by attending job fairs, cyber hunting, headhunting, registering to various jobsites and advertising in internet jobsites and news papers and focused headhunting and through global social networking sites like Linked in and other popular networking websites. Our services start with building up relationship with the client and working on focused and well-defined job profiles to get the right person. We believe in meeting the client’s requirements within a framework of specific schedule and in a cost-effective manner.

Temporary staffing is the new buzz word in today's IT industry corporate world

Though temporary staffing is not a new phenomenon in the global corporate scenario, it is a relatively new concept in India and with more and more MNCs starting operations in the country, the trend is growing rapidly. Undoubtedly, temporary staffing provides a win-win situation for both the employer and employee. Let us discuss and understand some of the factors of temporary staffing in brief.

Benefits for the companies hiring employees on temporary basis -

  • The most tempting factor for the companies to opt for the temporary staffing is the reduction of cost and increased ROI.
  • As the cost of hiring the temps are shown as the consultancy charges, the companies can limit their payroll and hence their revenue per employee ratio improves and it has a direct impression on the stock market.
  • One of the major concerns of the IT and ITES sector is the high level of attrition, which is almost 100% in some companies. With temporary staffing, the companies are provided with a new employee as soon as one leaves the job.
  • It is also effective for a company, which does not want to build expertise in the non-core operational areas. Most of the temps hired by the companies are experienced in their respective field and hence they are focused on successfully executing the job within a specific time limit.

Benefits of the Temps -

  • Working as a temp give the person more flexibility and freedom at work.
  • Experienced and expert professionals are opting for temporary jobs as it reduces the stress and responsibility.
  • Often employees earn more than what they could have earned as permanent staffs.
  • Many companies recruit from their temporary staffs.
  • Working as a temp, one can get exposure to different industries before choosing the right industry for them.

Our Domain expertise: Offshore technical capability

1. Embedded

2. Storage


4. Verification & Validation

5. Web Based Applications

6. Energy and Utilities.

7. IT security

8. Automation

9. SAP SOA and Web Services

We, at KPN Unlimited Technologies, are offering unique temp staffing solution at very competitive rates that will give our clients as well as the candidates an opportunity to get the most of the best under this situation. With our proven expertise and knowledge of the different industry verticals, exhaustive database of experienced temps, professional and cost effective solutions, we are sure to meet your temporary staffing requirements.
A tailored, strategic approach to temporary staffing can help reduce overhead and manage payroll costs. The overall performance of the practice can be improved by scheduling staff only when they are needed, reducing risk and saving time.